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  • Scott (Friday, October 31 14 02:06 pm EDT)

    Your store on Omaha is the best. Always friendly service and great attitudes. Biancha and Sarah are my favs.great gals.

  • Truck (Wednesday, October 08 14 10:59 pm EDT)

    Carson is a great addition to the girls. She has great attitude and personality. Always bubbly. Lovely to talk to

  • alan (Monday, September 15 14 01:05 am EDT)

    Biancha is the best barista ever!!

  • Addison (Friday, June 27 14 01:30 am EDT)

    Very good blog post.Really thank you! Much obliged.

  • Keith (Saturday, June 07 14 04:28 pm EDT)

    Amazing, Stunning, Incredible

    I have not been to a Bikini Espresso in forever as all the girls I knew had left for whatever reason. Today I gave it a try at Biancha. WOW. The nicest, friendliest and definetly most beautiful Bikini girl EVER. Prices should be triple when she is there, cause she makes the experience unforgettable. Her personality is one of a Goddess. Her service amazing.

    Every guy in the area needs to stop and see her. Enjoy the coffee, be generous with the tips, and I promise you will be back every day to see Biancha. I know I will make it a point to see her everyday she works

  • Wholesale Sexy Bikinis (Wednesday, March 12 14 05:24 am EDT)

    Yeah i went to the one on Circle loved the whole thing the lass was very cool hopefully it wasnt just because im irish lol but loved the whole thing customer for life

  • James (Saturday, September 07 13 02:37 pm EDT)

    I stopped by the Circle location on Saturday after getting called in to work for a couple of hours. My day didn't start off so well but Michelle greeted me with a great smile and a wonderful conversation. My day instantly got better. I just want to say thank you so much!

  • Craig (Saturday, September 07 13 12:20 pm EDT)

    I by the powers shop this morning this was my second time at the shop and the same woman was working Lianna. She is very friend and pretty. Lianna makes all of her costumers feel special with friendly conversation and a beautiful smile. She makes a hard day much better thanks for the Tea and coffee.

  • Sean (Friday, August 23 13 05:33 pm EDT)

    Lianna was great. I came in today had a nice conversation a great cup of coffee and scenery was amazing.

  • Zakkory (Saturday, May 11 13 12:27 pm EDT)

    Yeah i went to the one on Circle loved the whole thing the lass was very cool hopefully it wasnt just because im irish lol but loved the whole thing customer for life

  • Ryan (Wednesday, May 08 13 02:26 pm EDT)

    Stopped by this morning for the first time, Charlie was working. OMG, you are very beautiful to say the least! Thanks for the coffee!

  • Lee Champe (Tuesday, March 12 13 11:11 am EDT)

    This morning Helena was very welcoming and fun. Her gorgeous smile and good service was a perfect compliment to my morning brew. I had a fantastic experience that will stick with me for the rest of this cloudy, wet day.

  • Kevin (Thursday, March 07 13 08:25 pm EST)

    I plan my morning and evening commute according to the shifts Mo works at the Falcon location. Honestly she is the reason I continue to go back to Bikini Xpresso. Her stories brighten my day, and her attitude is unbelievably sexy. Not to mention she makes a mean White Mocha! I have never seen a girl of her caliber in the entire Falcon/Springs area. Whatever you guys did to get her to work for you, you did something right! She is the best start to a work morning and then best ending to a long day. I tell all my friends about this place. Keep up the great work!

  • Tara (Wednesday, March 06 13 02:03 am EST)

    Leah and Mo are awesome at the Falcon location. I'm one of the few women to comment but I just felt they needed a shout out. Stopping by to chat and get great coffee is the ONE thing ill miss about living in Falcon and moving to Carson.

  • KEITH (Wednesday, February 20 13 06:42 pm EST)

    The new girl Charlie at the Garden of the God Store is amazing. Friendly, gorgeous, fun to talk to. She is someone you want to see over and over and over and over again.

  • Carl (Wednesday, January 09 13 01:08 pm EST)

    ...Proof there is no shortage of guys in Colorado Springs who would pay for over priced coffee as long as it was served by the presence of beautiful baristas...What Bikini Xpresso lacks in quality they make up for in personality, service, and the view...I'm always excited to anticipate my visits at the Garden of the Gods location. Like modern day Greek Sirens, the Lovely Leah, the Tantalizing Tiffany, and the most Attractive Ashlynn will always make getting coffee here sensational and more worthwhile. Thanks a Latte! You Mocha my Day! ;)

  • Tim Lauritzen (Saturday, January 05 13 08:59 pm EST)

    Marissa made my first experience with BIkini Xpresso AWSOME. I went back three times that day.

  • Tim Lauritzen (Saturday, January 05 13 07:01 pm EST)

    I love this place

  • Mark (Tuesday, December 18 12 11:40 am EST)

    Katie and Angela are the best! Except when they throw hot coffee on me.

  • Emilia (Wednesday, December 05 12 09:17 pm EST)

    When is the Tarzan Xpresso going to open!?? I want to see some guys in a pasty as well =)

  • Stephen (Friday, August 24 12 10:06 am EDT)

    There are three girls you can not get rid they are the best the are personal and friendly and go out of there way to respect you.And the now to make coffee , not to strong are bitter.They are chelsie leah and amiee.KEEP THEM THEY GOT IT!!!!!

  • Delta (Friday, August 17 12 05:24 pm EDT)

    Just moved to the Springs three weeks ago and now addicted to iced white mochas thanks to Angela. My day is not complete without Angela and coffee fixm

  • Dave (Friday, August 10 12 09:48 pm EDT)

    I decided to visit Bikini-Xpresso for the first time three weeks ago. I'm addicted, no more Starbucks for me. The coffee is awesome, the girls are beautiful and so much fun. It's weird, I'd swear I can see Pasties in my computer monitor at work.

  • Chris Merchant (Tuesday, August 07 12 12:14 am EDT)

    Please come to Kansas City. Found this in Falcon, Colorado on vacation. Great coffee, and friendly service. Thank you..... Starbucks sucks...

  • chad (Wednesday, July 18 12 06:06 pm EDT)

    lauren made my day today..
    landscaping all day to end it with a beautiful woman as herself giving me a refreshing fruit smoothie..god bless america and god bless lauren.. so beautiful.

  • Marvin (Thursday, July 05 12 12:39 pm EDT)

    I've been to most of the shops and I have come to one conclusion. My favorite shop is which ever one Katie is working at! She's awesome and I hope she gets to stick around for a while. Just move her back to the Omaha store.

  • Frank (Monday, July 02 12 06:05 pm EDT)

    The Girls @ Garden of the Gods are great! Great personality and sexy! LOVE my coffee breaks...

  • mexipino2 (Wednesday, June 13 12 06:44 pm EDT)

    had a nice visit today

  • Jeffrey (Wednesday, June 06 12 02:34 pm EDT)

    Lauren you rock, and the coffee is good too. You can get coffee anywhere but your attitude and the way you treat people makes it much better. Thanks for brightening everyone's day!!

  • Max V (Wednesday, May 09 12 09:03 am EDT)

    Just wanted to get a shout out to Lauren at the Falcon store!..She's awesome! thanx to her Just about everybody in my crew now makes 'the hut'a regular stop on the way to work. Oh, and Welcome BACK Katie!!! we missed you.

  • Allen (Sunday, April 29 12 06:46 pm EDT)

    Becca is beautiful and makes a great cup of coffee.

  • johnnie nielsen (Monday, April 23 12 05:38 pm EDT)

    ihave met katie and heather in my stops to get coffee at the powers store very nice people i have also met doris very nice lady nt met leo but i am sure he is a nice person also. i cant say enough nice things about the atores that i have visited

  • johnnie nielsen (Monday, April 23 12 05:33 pm EDT)

    keep up the good work from a regular customer thank you

  • Todd s (Sunday, April 22 12 05:33 pm EDT)

    Kristi is a great addition to your work place

  • Brent (Thursday, March 15 12 11:31 am EDT)

    I stopped in Yesterday and met Heather .. She is a very friendly and welcoming Lady ... I will be back as Arnold said

  • johnnie nielsen (Wednesday, March 07 12 08:19 pm EST)

    very nice i have stopped at two of your places i have met marrisa leah and january all have been very nice and friendly

  • vegas (Monday, March 05 12 02:37 pm EST)

    love the coffee AND the gorgeous baristas!

  • Keith (Tuesday, February 28 12 06:26 pm EST)

    A moment of paradise can be found at the Omaha store. Her name is Heather and not only is she the nicest person you ever met, she is gorgeous, and makes an incredible cup of coffee. I hadn't been to a Bikini Expresso in a longtime, now I don't know why I stayed away. If you want to feel special for just a few minutes of your day, and enjoy a damn good cup of coffee, stop by and see Heather.

  • Greg (Monday, February 20 12 12:41 pm EST)

    If you haven't visited Lauren and Katie in Falcon you should. These girls are absolutely beautiful and friendly as well. I hope that we get to keep them in Falcon for a long time to come.

  • Shiladitho Deb (Friday, February 10 12 07:01 pm EST)

    Taylor and Heather are absolutely amazing......Not only do the look amazing but they mae a killer cup of Joe.

  • Dan (Wednesday, February 08 12 10:50 pm EST)

    Lauren & Katie in Falcon are fantastic! They make great coffee and are very easy on the eyes! Mornings and afternoons are much better with their coffee!

  • steve (Thursday, January 26 12 07:11 am EST)

    miss Januari in falcon location have to drive out of way to see her.Shes the best, ALL CLASS!Makes your day brighter.I want her back out in falcon.The other girls are beautiful.Something nice about Januari

  • kayleb (Tuesday, January 24 12 10:44 am EST)

    lauren makes a really good cappuccino


(Wednesday,October 19 2011 14:39pm EST)


I have visited your location in falcon in the after noon a few
times.  I am considering going in the mornings as well because when I go
to work it is still dark outside, and the girls show up very well with
the lights of your store in the background. they always look so
incredibly gourgous, and I look forward to seeing them every morning.


(Tuesday, October 18 2011 15:43pm EST)

Taylor is taylor-made for this job. She has a killer smile, is
easy on the eyes, and gives great customer service! Taylor makes a hot
cup of coffee even hotter. If you want good coffee and great service,
this is the place to be.

  • Kayleb(Thursday, October 06 2011 7:28 pm EDT)

    Ashley at the falcon location makes the experience ten times better. She is very nice and friendly and just able to make your day better. Not to mention she makes a killer cup of coffee.

  • Daniel(Tuesday, September 20 2011 9:52 pm EDT)

    I was just at the new location in Falcon and was impressed with the location and of course Januari made visiting a GREAT experience!!! But I expect no less from the great girls that work for you!!! THANK YOU for opening a location out here !!!!

  • Chris(Saturday, September 10 2011 3:14 am EDT)

    I have been going to the Garden of the Gods store for quite some time now, I mainly go to see Januari. She is beautiful, has the most amazing personality and her smile can brighten up any day! I am upset to hear that she is leaving to the new location because I live so close to this one! I will travel to go see her at least twice a week so I can get in some good conversation and see that beautiful smile of hers! Januari, you will be missed at Garden of the Gods but good luck at the new location!!

  • Aaron(Thursday, August 25 2011 3:46 am EDT)

    just wanted to say how Wonderful Januari is. she is so polite and cheery. She has made me the best latte ever...I have been going to the stores for over a year. GOOD JOB Januari!!!!

  • Michelle M(Saturday, July 30 2011 2:09 am EDT)

    I was in town from Denver and visited the GOG store! January was working and was such a sweetheart! I enjoyed her personality and the little conversation we had! The coffee was amazing and January was a delight! I wish Denver had Bikini Xpresso's, but only if January can come with them!

  • josh(Thursday, July 28 2011 10:27 pm EDT)

    I just got back from vacation and the first thing I did was go get a cup of coffee and I found out my favorite girl Danielle is gone... wahhhh! I'm gonna miss her but the coffees still awesome!

  • john(Tuesday, July 26 2011 8:48 am EDT)

    I have been going to bikini xpresso for over a month now and I love it. Danielle is the sweetest woman I got the privledge of meeting and you will truely be missed! The coffee continues to be great every visit I come always a pleasure meeting new girls

  • Emilio(Friday, July 22 2011 11:36 pm EDT)

    I recently just found out Danielle no longer works at bikini xpresso :( maybe she'll come back! The coffee is truely delicious and I'm hoping to find a new sexy barista I will enjoy as much as danielle. I will continue to come to bikini xpresso until the day I die!!!

  • jessica(Friday, July 22 2011 11:30 pm EDT)

    I think I'm the first woman to comment!! I am a regular at the circle store and I only go if I see Caitlin or Danielle's car because there super sweet and so down to earth. The coffee is so good and much better than Starbucks I love it :)

  • michael(Friday, July 22 2011 11:20 pm EDT)

    I recently went to bikini xpresso for the first time and Danielle served me she is drop dead gorgeous I will always go back to see her she makes yummy coffee and looking at her makes my day!!! Thank you bikini xpresso :)

  • Jerry(Sunday, July 17 2011 6:13 pm EDT)

    I was disappointed to hear that Danielle will be leaving next month to go back to school.Although I am happy she is continuing her education, We will definitely miss her. Why not ask her to stay on part time working Saturdays? Danielle could relieve the girls working on Saturdays, the company would definitely bring in more money at her location, and the customers would be happy. It would be a win, win, win situation for all parties. Please consider the possibilities. Thanks from a daily coffee drinker.

  • Dee(Friday, July 15 2011 9:02 pm EDT)

    I stopped by the Garden of the Gods store and met Katie and January! They were both so nice and beautiful!! January was training but made the best Mocha latte I ever had!! She is super hot and has the most beautiful smile ever, and her personality made me want to stay!! I will definitely be back, or go wherever January is! Great personality and customer service!! Best in town!

  • Jerry(Wednesday, July 13 2011 11:28 pm EDT)

    The coffee is hot, and the girls are hotter! All the girls are very friendly and professional. Danielle has beautiful eyes, and Sam has a killer smile. It was my pleasure to meet the owners, who are very down to earth. If you want a great cup of coffee, this is the place to be.

  • charlie(Tuesday, June 21 2011 6:20 pm EDT)

    I started going to your circle location in January and met Vanessa she was a sexy nice girl with very nice legs and great smile. I have since met Kaitlyn and she is now my absolute favorite and enjoy how nice she is and seeing how sexy shs is and her smile rocks. I love your coffee and love her customer service. Keep up the great work and i will continue being a customer and a fan.

  • Tim(Friday, May 06 2011 4:30 am EDT)

    My employer just moved to the Garden of the Gods road and you are the closest coffee shop. I was amazed to see friendly and hot women baristas. The coffee is much better than Starbucks down the street. I have to say that you new regular.

  • Rick(Friday, March 18 2011 12:41 am EDT)

    Angela and Kristen looked amazing today. They also make great coffee. Everything is great. Just a thought how about a theme day instead of Bikini day and instead of fire and Ice thursday make it naughty or nice thursday. Just a thought, I am a regular at all 3 stores

  • Big Dan(Thursday, March 03 2011 5:47 pm EST)

    I love the coffee and the girls are amazingly hot. I go now almost every day.

  • Chime(Wednesday, February 23 2011 3:26 pm EST)

    Great cup of coffee-- but not the best cups in the place. I would go everyday if I could, but living in Dallas does not allow me to do this. Really like the Phil Collins music blasting in the place.

  • bryan(Wednesday, February 09 2011 5:06 pm EST)

    Stoped by this morning. I got a banana muffin and a tasty cup of coffee. Desire was awesome. Had a smile on and about it. Wish there was one farther south, i'd go everyday.

  • Phylicia(Tuesday, February 01 2011 1:55 pm EST)

    Hey well i love the coffee! I wont go to starbucks nemre! I had great service frm all the girls and they turned me to different drinks! My family goes here nw! The women are kind and beautiful and tasteful! Thnx girls

  • Luke(Wednesday, January 19 2011 5:16 pm EST)

    I have gone to all the locations there is always great service especaly from heidi she is very beautiful and makes the best cup of coffey I have ever had she woks at the omiha location she is working this morning go see her u won't be disapointed

  • matt(Friday, December 24 2010 2:21 am EST)

    i stopped by for the first time today, Desire was amazing, i told her to pick whatever was good and just make that for me and she picked right, the coffee was so good that i went and picked up my buddie and went right back there for another cup of coffee with him

  • Keith(Wednesday, December 15 2010 11:17 pm EST)

    Stopped by at your store off Garden of the Gods. Great cup of coffee. And amazing girl, Vanessa. Nice, friendly, and beautiful. I will stop by for the coffee but keep coming back to see her.

  • James(Monday, December 13 2010 5:15 am EST)

    love the new stor. I have visited the other two, but I pass the new one on my way to work. Thanks, great coffee and always server with a smile.



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